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Ha. XD

Was NOT expecting that. One of my favourite Minecraft animations. XD


That was just... damn.

Most of it looked like a game, how awesome would it be though, if it was?! :D

Good as always.

The ending was HIGHLY unexpected. But then the ending to the ending was ALSO unexpected but at least it points out a very good thing to viewers. THE SERIES CAN CONTINUE!

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Yay, or something, I think?

This was very fun to play, like your other games like this.
It's fairly obvious that you get a fair bit of inspiration from Ratchet & Clank. :D

Also, shut up, people. This guy is a great developer, who is entitled to earn some money. You don't HAVE to buy the stuff, so don't complain. Just play it on Bubble Box, and get all the premium stuff free? Honestly people. Use your head.

[insert overused comment here]

This game is great. And having a goal to achieve makes it better than Minecraft in at least 1 aspect.

I haven't finished this game yet, I'm close though.

But using my awesome Mathematical skills, I've found out that you can finish this whole game with nothing but 39'103 Dirt. I don't think I'd try that, but it can be done.

STFU, People.

Begin rant about pitiful people:
So what if it's a ripoff of another game? Why should it matter? You try and find a NEW type of game. And by NEW, I mean NEW. Not just new mechanics. It's not gonna happen. It's all been done. Everything. Do not rate something based on it's similarities. Did you PLAY the game? Did you LIKE the game? Honestly, people. It's just pitiful. How would you like if if you spent ages making a game, and someone said: "This is such a blatant knock-off of [GAME] that I cannot give you any credit whatsoever."? But then again, chances are, you've never made a game. You have no idea what kind of effort goes into it. Do some research. Think before you blurt out discouraging crap.

End rant.

Begin talking about the game:
I really like this game, it's fun, and it's wastes that time that you really don't want to spend doing something worthwhile. It's the kind of game I play on and off, whilst doing my daily stuffs. I've only gotten down to Gold, and I have only got the Emerald Drill, but I can already see that I have a long way ahead of me. Being a game developer myself, I understand how hard it can be sometimes, to make a game as quick as possible, whilst also fitting in a LOT of game play. But once again, I really do like this game. I don't really like the bug with the Mechanic's false price advertising, but apart from that, this game really doesn't have much wrong with it.

This deserves a 10/10 and a 5/5. It's long due, especially from all these inconsiderate little gits that probably don't know any better. They probably have no knowledge of these things, because they only care about themselves.

Keep up the great work, guys.

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I wasn't really sure how I felt about this, when I first heard it.

The atmosphere and general sound of the whole thing is somewhat creepy, and very powerful. Very befitting of the tag "insanity".

It's certainly interesting, and I like the sound of it, not sure it'll be something I listen to regularly, though, just because of the volume and feel of the thing.

I've liked your stuff for quite a while, and this, while a change, did not disappoint.


I'm liking the feel and mood, quite winter-y. Almost slightly mechanical.

The chords that came in at 0:54 definitely remind me of Final Fantasy 8's world map theme, Blue Fields.

The looping could definitely use a little bit of work, but it's better than a lot of things I've heard.

That drum pattern near the end sounds very familiar. Is it the one from The Silver Monster?

It was very nice. I really like the way you manage to use piano so well in this type of music.

One of my favourite artists for sure.

LLAAPPSSEE responds:

Y'know, it might be. I can't quite recall. Perhaps an early version of it. I do remember putting this and that track together around the same time.

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Oh my.

You really should be making pixel art for games or something! This is some great talent.


That's just pitiful, in a good and funny way!


You made that in PAINT?! Wow. Did not expect something like that to come out of paint.

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